We have a long track record in counseling local and foreign clients, to whom we provide comprehensive assistance through specialized teams in all the legal aspects involved in their various activities.

We thus move forward in our performance history started in the decade of the seventies in Estudio Entelman Abogados, which ceased to operate after Dr. Ricardo Entelman’s passing away.

Our reputation relies on the competencies of our professionals, who have vast experience in the various fields of law and have the tools required for tackling conflicts by prioritizing the search of consensus through negotiation.

To ensure the quality of our services, our lawyers are qualified in the most ample variety of areas of practice.

We see that your lawyers have the tools required for making a comprehensive and practical legal analysis and overcome successfully the challenges posed by the constant changes and developments in an increasingly complex and globalized world.

We work in an interconnected manner in the various areas of practice so as to offer top-quality legal services, achieving the goal of providing an integral answer to our clients’ demands.

Our legal services have a constructive approach that adds value to our clients and allows to find creative and apt solutions suited to their specific legal needs.

Our ambition is to be recognized by our clients for our outstanding professional formation and the legal assistance provided to them, whether or not related to disputes, litigation or controversies. We have been trained to achieve this aim.

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